Modern Factory Homes in Indiana, Illinois, Michigan and Wisconsin
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There is this warm association that goes with a log home and they were once a dream that many could not afford but with the massive boom in competition for modular log homes, the dream can now be a reality. If you have the dream of building a traditional log home with post and beams and butt and pass then this is not for you. But if you love the look of a log home but would rather save money and speed up the process then you may want to consider the many styles and sizes in modular log homes.
Firstly, what is a modular house of any type? Modular homes are basically built in a factory and then transported on site where the 'pieces' are put together, and the build if finished. The fact they are built in a factory is the reason they are cheap, there are no delays for weather or waiting for material deliveries and also with the efficiency of factories now there is minimal material wastage.